Ethnology: A Discipline in Danger of Being Dominated by Civil Society?

Territories in Question: Routes in Territories
By Philippe Pesteil


A deep lack of knowledge about ethnology as practised in Corsica is being investigated in the light of the options favoured when the university of Corsica was first put in place, as well as the disciplines chosen for research activities. A genealogy of the guiding principles is being made, explaining why ethnology has been diluted into a scholarly discourse about culture and its conservation. Hence singing, the sphere of magic and/or religion, and the different forms of know-how are among the main themes of scientific endeavour directly linked to conservation of our heritage. This situation leads us to question academic structures and their degree of autonomy from civil society and politics.


  • Université de Corse
  • disciplinary autonomy
  • regional ethnology
  • heritage conservation
  • Corsica
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