Localizing Transnationalism: Bosnian and Croatian Transborder Practices

By Jasna Čapo, Hariz Halilovich

Based on our ethnographies we argue that translocalism, rather than transnationalism, better accounts for the social morphology and lived realities of the migrant groups, including forms of their social interaction, organizational patterns, cultural practices and various other activities and actions they engage in in relation to their homelands as well as to their translocal compatriots in other countries. Translocalism, as practiced by the Bosnian and Croatian migrant communities, shows that cultural place and embodied local identities transcend geographical space and chronological time – that mobility and attachment to place are not intrinsically contradictory, but can in fact be complementary processes.


  • transnationalism
  • translocalism
  • diaspora
  • Bosnia
  • Croatia
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