Commemorative Religion After Communism. The Bektashi Pilgrimage to Mt. Tomorr, Albania

The Bektashi pilgrimage to Mt. Tomorr, Albania
By Mentor Mustafa


The following is a description of the commemorative pilgrimage events on Mt. Tomorr that are hosted by the Albanian Bektashi. What prevails at the pilgrimage sites is a multitude of voices and perceptions of Bektashism. The ethnographic observations reflect the struggle of religious communities after radical secularism in a post-socialist society that was once one of Europe’s most vigorously atheistic. Collected two decades after the fall of the communist rule, the ethnographic data testify to the challenges of rebuilding religious community in general and religious observance in particular.


  • Ethnography
  • Pilgrimage
  • Postcommunist religion
  • Bektashi tekke
  • Albania
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