First, the encounter. Contributions of a romanès anthropology to general anthropology

Tributes to Patrick Williams (1947–2021)
By Stefania Pontrandolfo, Marco Solimene

Our homage to Patrick Williams refers to his specific anthropology of Gypsies/Roma, to which Williams constantly and consciously contributed: an anthropology that anchors its theoretical approach in the experience of ethnographic encounter with persons who incorporate different ways of thinking and living in our world.
We argue that the ethnographic encounters of anthropologists with various Gypsy/Roma groups transformed Gypsy/Roma anthropology into a romanès anthropology (that is, one that follows “the Gypsy/Roma way”). They thus contributed to the ongoing work of decolonizing anthropological thought.

  • Ethnography
  • Epistemologies
  • Gypsies/Roma
  • Decolonization of anthropological thought
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