Patrick Williams and jazz

Tributes to Patrick Williams (1947–2021)
By Jean-Pierre Digard

Patrick Williams was not only the undisputed Gypsies specialist we know. He was also a passionate and erudite jazz fan, and this article is dedicated to this aspect of our late colleague and friend. His work on Django Reinhardt, the book Jazz et anthropologie that he published with Jean Jamin in 2001, and the seminar of the same name that the two partners created and led at the EHESS from 2001 to 2009 highlighted jazz as an anthropological object in the full sense of the word and made this decade a period of intense “jazzological” effervescence.

  • Anthropology
  • Gypsies
  • Jamin (Jean)
  • Jazz
  • Reinhardt (Django)
  • Williams (Patrick)
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