Music from Turkey in France: which music for which public?

By Talia Bachir-Loopuyt, Jérôme Cler

This article explores the dissemination of Turkish music in France since the 1980s, from world music festivals to Turkish associations and micro-musical scenes bringing together music lovers. The authors show that this dissemination was based on different trans-local dynamics depending on the music in question, in particular for classical Ottoman music and Anatolian repertoires. They look at the growing trend of musical institutions and musicians to focus on a diversity of music and cultural belongings, contrasting with the public debate on “identities” in Turkey. An analysis of a number of events featuring a diversity of musical genres from Turkey enables a more general exploration of the audibility of musical practices: which music and sound forms are audible, for which audiences, and according to which logic of monstration?

  • Music from Turkey
  • Migration
  • Cultural diversity
  • Publics
  • Visibility
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