Being a festival goer at Hellfest. Female passions and transgressions in a male cultural universe

By Christophe Guibert

The Hellfest festival, dedicated to metal music, has exceeded the ordinary audience of this cultural universe. Fans of this musical style are however still subject to tenacious social stereotypes (male over-representation). However, the social heterogeneity of the audience at the Hellfest festival reinforces the idea that metal music is ultimately not very representative of an exclusively popular and masculine taste. However, being a woman at a metal music festival is not a given. What are the socializing configurations which are at the beginning of the constitution of their musical and aesthetic tastes ? Questioning social gender relations, how does this festival contribute to the advancement of diversity in a male cultural bastion ?

  • Hellfest
  • Gender stereotypes
  • Cultural socializations
  • Transgressions
  • Body
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